In order to transfer your image onto a t-shirt the image must be a vector. As a result, we offer vectorization as an in-house service that we can do for you.

Vector images are digitally drawn art that uses your original image as a reference. When an image is vectorized properly it can be resized to any size and not lose its image quality. When you zoom in on a jpeg you will notice that the edges get blurry, which makes for a bad film output. When you zoom in on a vector the lines will stay nice and crisp. A tip to remember: how you see your image on a computer screen, is how it will print out. When you zoom in close on your design, if the edges are blurry, pixelated or grainy, that is how it will also look when it’s printed out for screen printing. You can see that in the vectorized image at the top of the page the lines are nice and smooth, where as in the unvectorized image, the lines are coarse and grainy. Vectorizing is done in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. When an image is properly vectorized it will be in either a pdf, ai, or cdr file format.

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